חודש: ינואר 2016

  • I'm not a morning person… really?

    The way you start your day pretty much dictates how you will feel and act all throughout the day. Start it late and you will play catch up all day long. Start it mellow, power up and arrive fully energized and you will be far more productive. But how can you change and start the […]

  • An easy hack to come out as a winner out of every business meeting

    Every business meeting is different- some are good, others are terrible. But there’s one simple thing you can do to make every meeting count. Write and distribute a summary of the meeting to everyone who’s attended. And do it as soon as possible, even minutes after the meeting has ended. It sounds silly, but it’s […]

  • Three things I’ve learned on my first week as a freelancer

    Working Nights is a apparently a big part of freelancing…   Exactly one week ago I’ve packer my stuff and said goodbye to my last employer, and also to organized employment world, which I’ve been part of for the last 17 years. This week I’ve started a new phase in my career as a self-employed, freelance […]

  • What a decade of business travel has taught me

    I remember my first business trip clearly, although it has taken place exactly a decade ago. It was late 2005 and we were heading for Singapore to deliver a project to the local Navy, and upon arrival I could not locate my luggage. What an annoying way to start my very first business trip abroad! […]