Someone tried to Social engineer me on Quora


I’ve been phished, spearphished and trolled via Email, facebook, LinkedIn and whatsapp. But even I was surprised to find someone trying to social engineer me on Quora.


How do you know you are successful? You draw young, exotic women… this maybe true (and positive) for James Bond, but in the online world, the more people want to be close to you the more suspicious you should be. So one day not so long ago I received this comment to one of my answers on Quora:


quora phishing
Yep, Zanita Joy does not sound like a credible name



Two things caught my eyes- first of all, people don’t usually respond to answers, let alone with a “glad meeting you” header. Second- People on Quora usually use the platform and it’s built in messaging system to communicate. So someone asking you to contact her on email (and a Hotmail account nonetheless!) is highly suspicious. Lastly- people don’t usually take a “romantic” angle on these type of semi-professional platforms (LinkedIn included). So I declined, deleted and reported this.

While I don’t think this is any serious security threat to my safety or privacy, it is an alarming development- it means fraudsters realize there is a new hunting ground for fresh meet, and I’m sure this is not the last we’re seeing of it. The next phase usually evolves to cybercrime, and I can imagine several innocuous looking methods to trick and infect Quora users (I will save these to myself- no one said we need to make the hackers lives easier).

I advise you all to be vigilant and don’t let your guard down even on such trust evoking platform: don’t reveal personal information, don’t connect and interact with people you don’t know and don’t do anything which feels suspicious. If you encounter any suspicious activity- you can always ask the community what people think about it. Worse case- you’ve raised awareness. Best case? You prevent fraud. Good luck!


How one post generated tremendous traffic to my blog.

One blog post generated almost 20,000 visits to my blog. More than all others combined. How did I achieve such fit?

I’ve asked people for their help.

original post
The Original post dated 3/5/2015


About I year ago I started to write more consistently at my blog. I was wondering how to boost traffic.  I read a little and understood that the best way is to generate interest and engage people. Since my blog was about me and my experience I didn’t know what to do. In the meantime I played with the idea of improving my blog and making it look more professional. I decided I was going to design a logo for the blog and the brand “Owntrepreneurship”. I posted this on a freelance platform and got several designers interested. One of them (which I eventually contracted) offered several drafts for me to choose from. It then dawned upon me that this was a perfect opportunity to “crowdsource” my decision? So I wrote this post, labeled

Please help me select the new owntrepreneurship logo!


I then published it in multiple places, including Quora.

And what do you know? The number just dazzled me.

all time stats
The stats – over 18,000 visitors


Overall this post saw nearly 20,000 visitors over the past year. I haven’t been able to replicate these numbers since, even though I’ve tried to ask a similar questions. I think what really did it for people was the fact that it was sincere ( I really didn’t know what I was doing in terms of both logo design and working with freelancers), it was engaging (they had an easy survey to participate in- just select one of four options) and it was visual.

So asking for help really did make a difference in this case, and I will definitely think of ways to replicate this in the future.

And the decision for the logo ? it’s the one I was rooting for, proving the wisdom of the crowd…