My reading challenge for 2018

So, I love books. Ever since I was little, I was drawn to books. Even before I could read myself- I would ask my parents to read to me all the time, and then could sit for hours and “read” it from the pictures. When I was in 2nd grade I got my library card and borrowed my first book. I finished it on the ride back home so we were back at the library the other day for another. I read Victor Hugo’s  les Miserables by the end of 3rd grade, and kept on reading vigorously through middle school and high school- focusing on fantasy, science fiction (I think I’ve read every Asimov book translated to Hebrew) and history. My military service put a temporary stop to this habit, but after graduating from the Naval Academy I had more time on my hands (and was travelling for several hours by train almost every day), so I was back- this time reading mostly in English, which is not my native language. I read many classics at that time- from Moby Dick to Lord of the Rings Trilogy and anything in between. University meant I was reading all the time- mainly academic books and articles but I was fine with it. Upon graduation I’ve started working at jobs that required travel so I’ve had lots of time to kill on flights. This time my focus shifted to business books and “light-science” books like Gladwell’s “The Tipping point” and Thomas L. Friedman “thank you for being late”.  


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