The Owntrepreneurship framework


The Owntrepreneurship framework is the general guidelines of what I believe is required from any Owntrepreneur. This list is also the skeleton of the various posts which will comprise this blog. I will not publish exactly according to this order, nor will I adhere to these topic 100% of the time. This is merely a framework, a general guideline which someday maybe the table of content of my Owntrepreneurship book..

  1. Are you an entrepreneur?
  2. Finding your inspiration
  3. Find an incubator- a company
  4. Find an investor – someone who backs you and promotes you
  5. Find a mentor
  6. Focus on the essentials
  7. Find inspiration
  8. Market yourself
  9. Learn how to sell
  10. Build products, not projects
  11. Learn how to work in teams
  12. Learn how to work alone
  13. How to manage others
  14. Always deliver
  15. Always learn
  16. Evaluate yourself (Ownalytics)
  17. Always be connecting
  18. Build and keep Momentum
  19. Balance
  20. Reflect

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