Best past-posts

Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to cross-link platforms between wordpress sites/blogs and LinkedIn Pulse. But since I've went through the trouble of writing some nice posts over the last 12 months I'd hate to see them fade away. So I've decided to list my favorite post and just provide the links to the original posts at LinkedIn.

  1. The Best Travel packing tip
  2. 3 tips you need to know to master LinkedIn
  3. Want to advance your career? Start writing, and publish it.
  4. Doing it the Peter Thiel way (or why the startup I work for is 10 times better)
  5. So you've lost your job? Now man up and ask for help!
  6. Maintenance Vs. advancement – how to do more creative work and still keep your world going?
  7. 11 management lessons I've learnt from Sir Alex Ferguson
  8. Work life separation- That's so 2004…

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