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  • Owntrepreneurs never rest… they use idle moments to get work done

    Today was a day of errands. I went to the Garage to install some tracking device for insurance needs, than went to get my hair cut (we're attending a large conference this week, I need to look sharp) and than attended a meeting with a trade delegation from abroad. I've never made it to the office, and […]

  • First thing to do every morning? remove the heavy weight…

    Every morning is the same- you get to the office, determined to tackle the most critical issue of your day. But by the time it takes for your laptop to fire up, you have been disturbed by a phone call from your spouse, a colleague asks if you want to join him for coffee, several […]

  • Personal Analytics (Own-alytics?)

    We all know about annual evaluation process HR departments at big corporates love so much. The ritual is well-rehearsed; you receive a table with your goals, note what you’ve accomplished and what you strive to achieve in the next quarter/ year, enter a room and discuss these points with your manager, secretly hoping to have […]