First thing to do every morning? remove the heavy weight…

Heavy weights to list
Heavy weights to lift

Every morning is the same- you get to the office, determined to tackle the most critical issue of your day.

But by the time it takes for your laptop to fire up, you have been disturbed by a phone call from your spouse, a colleague asks if you want to join him for coffee, several text messages from friends make your phone vibrate and your office neighbor is talking to some sales rep about his car insurance.

Focus? gone.

And when you do get to your laptop you are immersed in influx of information- emails, reminders, social media notifications… just to clear it all takes an hour. By that time you are tired again (time for another round at the coffee machine?) and probably have to attend a meeting, which results in more to-do items to your growing list.

And then it's time for lunch, so you start planning whether to eat outside or order in, and afterwards you are so sleepy it take another coffee just to keep your eyelids from falling… and before you know it, it's five o'clock and you start closing for the day.

That important task you were set to complete first thing in the morning? not going to happen. perhaps tomorrow…

So why not try a different plan?

Instead of engaging your regular morning routine, make sure you begin by doing at least one you need to accomplish- whether it is to exercise, write an important document or go over your to-do list to make sure all the open tasks are listed and your not forgetting anything major.

Avoid Email as long as you possibly can. If possible, avoid any digital media (phone, tablet, laptop) for at least 20 minutes upon arrival to your desk. Just read something (in print).

I've had the challenge to commit to doing some form of exercise during the work day. I've found that if I walk up the step ( 7 floors) and do several sets of weight lifting every morning I feel better all day long, knowing that no matter how difficult and challenging my day would turn out to be, I've at least done one thing for myself.

Try this for a week.

I promise the results will be uplifting. If you begin your day knowing you've crossed off at least one major to-do item you will have an optimistic backwind which will power you throughout the day.


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