Concluding the first month of owntrepreneurship blogging- the hardest part is behind me

Hi All,

The owntrepreneurship blog has just finished its first full month since I've gone live towards the end of February 2015!

headsshot office (2)

During this time over 200 people have visited the site and read the various posts and sections (most of them read 2 or more sections or posts).

If you're reading this- know that I'm deeply honored to share my thoughts with you and I hope you enjoy reading about my ideas and experiences. Any feedback would be very much appreciated (that's what the comment bottom is for…)

I can safely say the hardest part is behind me- the challenge of actually starting a new venture and being diligent enough to keep it alive.

Now the real challenge begins- I need to keep this blog alive, and to create and maintain momentum. With my second daughter due in about two weeks AND some major obligations at work the month ahead of me is not going to be easy, But I look forward to tackling this challenge head on. After all- it is my choice to go down this path- only I can sustain it and I'm the only one who will lose if I fail.

So I'm making a promise to myself and my (still too few) readers- I will publish a post at least once every 10 days. This is something I hope I can withhold and should be enough to carry me through the intense months ahead.

Thanks again for joining me on my journey! I promise to update regarding the exciting events that are expected to occur this month.




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