Why procrastination at home is killing your career?

You know the drill- you finish your day at the office feeling like you’ve aced it- You finished all your tasks, you even helped out some people with their missions, and you feel like you’ve come home for a well-deserved break. But alas, your home is a mess- dirty floor, kitchen sink overflowing with dishes from last night, kids toys everywhere and the wife just hands you the nearest toddler and says- this is now yours. I’m done (welcome to my life). After working (much harder than at “work”, one must admit,) you can now rest- the kids are tucked away, you’ve eaten, the wife is watching the TV, and you now feel like you can finally kick back and relax. There’s more stuff to do (laundry, preparing sandwiches for tomorrow and cleaning those damn dishes) but hey, you’ve been working since 9 am and it’s now almost 9 PM, so you deserve a rest. After watching your favorite show or sports game, whatever is on tonight you hit the shower and are ready to go to sleep. There choirs which haven’t had time to deal with will wait for tomorrow.


This is a sure recipe for disaster.

Why? Because leaving anything “for tomorrow” in our day and age is simply loading the magazine of a gun which will eventually fire at your temple. Because of the hectic times we live in, you have no idea what tomorrow will bring, work or home related. There might be a client-related emergency tomorrow, forcing you to stay late at the office.

There might be a family emergency- a kid might get sick, or the cleaning lady might not show up or whatever.

And when that will happen those small things you haven’t had time to finish last night will only grow and expand. And when that happens, your work will be effected, too. Coming home to a dirty house with an empty fridge is not fun, and when you will actually get up and do whatever it is needs to be done it will only be more difficult and tiresome. Which, in turn, will affect your next day at the office, either by being tired of not sleeping enough or by being late (having to run errands in the morning).

But most of all, it’s that annoying feeling of thing that needs to be done which will sit at the back of your head an won’t let you be 100% focused at whatever it is that you need to be focusing on.

So the best advice I can give you is this- no matter what, no matter how, don’t hit your bed before your house is in order. No matter how big that pile of dishes looks at night, it will only look bigger in the morning…

Clean that kitchen sink to clear your head
Clean that kitchen sink to clear your head

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