Branding yourself – how to be acknowledged for the superstar you are


So we’ve established the many benefits of having the right sort of reputation within your organization ( But how to push this reputation beyond the limits of your organization to have a regional, national or even global reputation in your field?

Before we answer that we need to see if this fits who we are and what we are trying to achieve in our career. Some professions and lines of work are simply best kept from other people (spies, criminals and elgo-traders). Others are lines of work simply don’t benefit much from being known outside their closed circle- government officials, army officer and the likes could not gain much (at least if the aim to stay in this role) by having regional or global acknowledgment. But most other professions I can think of, including the most solitary ones (CPO, computer coder) can benefit from having the right exposure and reputation. For instance, the VP of R&D at the company I work for is a women (pretty rare),and we’ve used this to get some press coverage. She didn’t like the spotlights at first, but when she received an invitation to participate in a professional panel discussion as part of an all paid, prestigious event she began to like the idea more. She now actively pushes me to get her more in front of the media, and I’m sure this exposure and added reputation will assist her in the years to come.

So how do you make yourself well known and respected, outside your closed network?

the principles are roughly the same as branding yourself within your organization. You must first develop a network, spread the message of how awesome you are and maintain it. Building a network nowadays is easier than ever- use whatever channels that are respected within your professional community- LinkedIn, industry forums, Quora etc. you need to build a large network of networks (meaning you should be connected to people who are well connected, like journalists, bloggers, social-media addicts etc.). most of these people will happily connect with you regardless of them actually knowing you in person (remember, they benefit as well from extending their network).

Than, start establishing yourself as an authority in your field. Participate in discussions, answer relevant questions on Quora, post interesting news stories. If you have a chance, blog about your thoughts (you don’t need to have a blog to do so, you can doing easily on both Quora and Medium).

Ask many questions but answer more. Be helpful- if you don’t know and answer or can’t help, find someone who does (I’ve been asked a very technical question regarding IT security. I’ve asked around the office and reverted with a superb answer)- it will be much appreciated.

Do this constantly, and your reputation will be built by itself. Do try to avoid conflict, both personal and professional. You want to be perceived as a solid, helpful chap, not a war monger.

Now the hard part begins- you need to be consistent and diligent. Keep publishing, contributing and assisting others. It will take some time but in the end it’ll pay off- you will build a community of followers, people who cherish your work and will likely to recommend it to other. And that’s when the real magic happens- when word of mouth (or, nowadays, word of the web) will start to spread about you. By that time, don’t be surprised if head hunters contact you regarding open positions, journalists want to interview you and people you’ve never met want to follow you and hear what you have to say. It is up to you how to leverage this. But remember, all this hard work can be blown away if you are careless, so be kind, use your reputation and reach to help others (for instance, help people find jobs) and enjoy the fact you have earned this reputation rightfully.

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