LinkedIn Limits

In whatever professional arena we play we must know the rules. The rules usually apply to all participants in the same field and knowing them should give you an advantage over the others.

linkedin limits
Oops, I've reached yet another (LinkedIn) limit..


LinkedIn is not different.

Only that it is, in one simple aspect. It doesn’t tell you all the rules (perhaps somewhere, deep inside the end user license agreement it says something obscure about some limitations, and some additional information can be found at the help center).

And it changes them, often, too.

Also without notifying you.

Now, as a free platform which provide exceptional value to its user, LinkedIn is entitled to do pretty much whatever it pleases. But for us user this could be a frustrating experience, especially when we hit a “wall” or an obstacle we don’t understand.

Have no fear. This post will cover some of the most basic LinkdeIn-tations known (or unknown) to man. A disclaimer- as LinkedIn changes these limitations can and will be updated, so please follow this blog for additional updates.

    1. LinkedIn invitations limit: LinkedIn initially allows all users to send up to 5000 invitations. This limit is an automatic method to prevent accidental abuse and protect both senders and recipients ( to bypass this? – if you know someone’s email address, you can still invite them to connect ( a proof you want? I 7,000 connections have…).
    2. Oh, and you can also ask the LinkedIn help team nicely, they are said to increase the limit for such requests.
    3. What’s the effect?– well, if you’ve sent 5,000 invitations, your gone. No more new connections,
  • Group limits :


You can be a member of no more than 100 Groups.

What’s the effect?– see a new group you like? You need to give up on a group you’re already a member of to join.

How to bypass this? – not really a hack, but you can own an additional 30 groups, so that brings the total number to 130.

  • Maximum character counts


Professional Headline: 120 character limit. Summary: 2,000 character limit. Recommendation: 3,000 character limit. LinkedIn Publisher Post Headline: 100 maximum characters ** LinkedIn Publisher Post Body Text: 40,000 characters ** Company Page: 2000 maximum characters Description: 200 minimum and 1500 maximum characters

Company Update: 600 characters or 250 if including a link. LinkedIn Status Update: 600 maximum characters. Group Discussion Subject Title: 200 maximum characters. Group Discussion Subject 'Add More Details': 4,000 characters.

(There are other- like phone number length, but they are very technical)

Do note that Characters are counted including spaces between words and sentences.

What’s the effect?– You need to meet these limits, or no post/update etc. will be enabled

How to bypass this? – no way that I’ve found yet. Just need to be concise (see the benefits of Twitter:


  1. Twitter limits;Not really a limit of it’s own, but if your aiming at spreading your updates far and wide you should try to learn and limit your message length.
  2. When sharing a regular update, your text limit is 600 characters maximum. However, remember if you select to also post on Twitter from LinkedIn, only the first 140 characters will be visible on your Twitter post.
  3. Obnoxious user- no such limit or definition exists. But if you abuse the platform you will be regarded as one, so don’t (over- post, share or comment). People need to know your there, but do not want to feel like you are always, there, everywhere.

Now you know your limits. and LinkedIn's.

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