Why baking is the perfect pastime for busy entrepreneurs?

I admit it. I love to bake.

Just the start…







Love ’em all..

It sounds weird, right? Who in their right minds will spend hours (yep, baking is time consuming) to make something they can buy fresh off the shelf?

Well, hear me out first, and then decide if I’m crazy… well- why do I love baking so much?

  1. Its predictable- baking is a science. Unlike any other culinary discipline it is done according to strict rules, using exact amounts of every ingredient and in order to success one needs to follow the instructions precisely as they are written. But, given that you have done so, you are guaranteed to get the same great result. Every time. How many thing in our world can claim this? In a way, it is a rare thing that guarantee success and pleasure in a very unpredictable world. And that is comforting.
  2. It cannot be rushed- want to speed things up? Cook a stir-fry. You need to slow things down and be patient. Like, really. Wait for the dough to raise, let the dough wait overnight, bake it just enough… it forces you to slow down. It also enables you to have some time to think about things, relax and be creative.
  3. Its physical- so much of our lives today is virtual- text, music, even friendships. We do so little in the physical dimension, that we forget the simple pleasure of working with our hands, creating something new, something you can touch, feel and smell
  4. Its creative- sure, you need to follow the recipe. But after you learn the basics you can make your own adjustments and modifications- the level of sweetness, extras you can pour in, even the color of the glaze (shinny or matt? You decide).
  5. It’s magic- alchemy was the pseudo-science where people tried to make gold out of other materials. Well- in Baking, you can! You pour all these non-tasty ingredients (eggs, flour, yeast etc.) and it turns into something wonderful
Nearly there…


And the nicest thing? It isn’t hard at all. If all your life you were afraid of baking, give it another go.

Take your time, don’t be afraid to experiment.

And fail.

One time, two times, by the third attempt you are almost surely to succeeded. Give it a go, and let me know how it went. And also tell me if you liked it as much as I do.

Here we go…


Good luck!

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