Three things I’ve learned on my first week as a freelancer

Working Nights is a apparently a big part of freelancing…

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Exactly one week ago I’ve packer my stuff and said goodbye to my last employer, and also to organized employment world, which I’ve been part of for the last 17 years. This week I’ve started a new phase in my career as a self-employed, freelance consultant, providing marketing and business development services to growing startups without the knowhow, capacity or manpower to handle these areas of the business. Funny enough, without knowing so, I’m part of a much larger shift in the labor world from organized to self-employed labor (see this terrific article titled “The Freelancer Generation”

Unlike my previous post, which summed an experience I’ve gained over a decade (see, this post will do the exact opposite- meaning provide my initial insights from this new form of employment. It would be interesting to see in prospect how these observation fare- meaning, would they hold true on the longer run. But since the prophecy was given to fools I dare not estimate how I will feel and thing in a month or a year from now. I will simply concentrate on my most immediate, uncut observations.

  1. Time moves faster
    This week has flown bye so quickly I can’t believe it’s nearly over. I don’t seem to recall what I’ve did yesterday, let alone two or three days ago. And that’s not to say I’ve had short work days- no, quite the opposite- I haven’t finished a day earlier than 2 am. Surely the excitement of doing something new contributed to this feeling, but I’m pretty sure I will feel this way for a very long time. There’s simply so much to do and not enough time to it, that you find yourself cramming 10 different activities in a time-span where until now (sitting comfortably at your desk) you would utilize to do one thing (if, you were doing anything at all. Corporate culture is full of idle moments- meetings, lunches, water-cooler discussions- all gone when you are your own boss)
  2. But you get so much more done…
    I’ve scarcely checked the news sites, the stock exchange or non-work related social media (Owntrepreneurship blog statistics being an exception). TV? Only to catch the weather forecast to decide in advance which clothes I’ll be wearing the next day. I’ve managed to be super productive and multi-task my way out of multiple work and domestic choirs this week. Most likely- it’s the sense of urgency and the need to please multiple customers (wife and kids included), but the result was unparalleled efficiency. Hope I can keep this up.
  3. Your Karma changes
    I don’t want to say that Karma is smiling upon me (although I feel like it). But for the last week I’ve been the center of attention of recruiters, headhunter and corporate talent acquisition professionals. Something must’ve drawn them all to me at THIS precise week. Funny thing is- for the first time in a very long period, I’m actually NOT looking for a job that they would offer! Nevertheless, I paid my respect, talked and met some of them because you really can never tell what the future will hold, and gaining and nurturing connections is even more important for a freelancer operating with the corporate safety net.

All in all it has been an amazing week, and I really hope this is a precursor of things to come. I will revisit this post in about 3 months’ time and let Y’all know how I feel then and what I’ve learned in the process.

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