Please help me select the new owntrepreneurship logo!

Hi All!

After running this blog for 2 months I'm feeling like something is missing. So I've contacted a talented graphic designer named Vladimir Vladetic via Odesk and asked for his help. After several drafts this is what he's proposed:

Vote for your favorite logo

I think these are all great, so I'm asking my readers to help me choose one.

So be kind and vote- your input is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I would advise going to a different designer. You need something the looks to the future, not like the past. These all kind of look like something created for a local Chamber of Commerce about 10-15 years ago.

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  2. I agree with Seth. Also, please don't use oDesk. It devalues design by making clients believe that they can get away with paying very little for what they need, and the quality of the work is usually pretty low, which means clients get used to that too (so they're not willing to hire better designers and pay the right fee for their work).

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  3. 2005 called. They want their logos back. If I saw any of those at the top of your page I would go to another blog. You don't need the full name of your business/blog in the logo. That make it too big. You should aim to have a simple scalable vector graphic, with a limit of 3 solid colours, however preferably just one.


  4. I agree with everyone here; I do not like these logos either. They are not unique or creative and have probably been overused many times over. They are very generic- as if from a template or free logos used. Not trying to chastise the designer by any means but I would trash these. If you really want a new logo that represents what you are all about, what your company/blog is about, I would suggest starting over.
    I am a professional designer myself,and if I ever need to outsource, I would not use Odesk or Fiverr. You would want to pay someone for quality work to reflect you- to attract your target audience.


  5. I like #3. Professional designers will be the worst critics. If your site content does not cater to professional designers, then you should keep it simple and clean. Check out this infographic I got in my email this morning. Thank goodness I hadn't emptied my trash.

    My site's logo, on the other hand, needs a major fix. Maybe I'll hang on to that email with the Infographic after all.

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