Sometimes, creation is enough

Keep it creative- sometimes it's all you need
Keep it creative- sometimes it's all you need

A recent article Carol Roth (@caroljsroth) discussed how “Not Every Creation or Passion Project Should Be a Business” ( In the article Carol describe how a successful professional women wrote and published a children’s’ book out of pure creative passion and the desire to tell a story for her own kids. Once done (a tremendous achievement, no doubt) she was disappointed in herself for a long time for not taking the logical step of becoming a full-time writer/ publisher of similar books. She somehow felt like she has not done enough and that she was, in a way, betraying the sacred “entrepreneurial spirit”. Carol Roth states the opposite. She thinks that “creation is enough”- this women realized her goal (telling her story to her kids), created something novel and actually have a beautiful piece of physical art (in this case- literature) to last her a lifetime.

I couldn't agree more.

That fact that this women decided not to pursue this venture further does not diminish her achievement. The fact that she’s done all that WHILE being a successful professional (a hedge fund manager) shows me that she understand Owntrepreneurship. She was on top of her professional game, to the extent that she was able to complete such a successful side project without having to quit and become a full time “entrepreneur”. Unfortunately, she is told by the world around her that this is not enough, and therefore she felt incomplete. But after hearing that her “creation was enough” she finally realized how great her achievement was, how successful she was in her daily life and career and that she did not need to take that “extra” step. She was already and Owntreprener, and a proud one.

I've recently testes this theory when I engaged in designing a new logo for my brand and blog ( In addition to being fun and exciting it felt like a surge of creativity and it charged me with much needed energy.

The lesson I take from this story is that if you can spice your career with a pinch of creative work, related to your job or not, you are much more likely to feel fulfillment and satisfaction. No need to be a full time startup owner for that…



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