How one post generated tremendous traffic to my blog.

One blog post generated almost 20,000 visits to my blog. More than all others combined. How did I achieve such fit?

I’ve asked people for their help.

original post
The Original post dated 3/5/2015


About I year ago I started to write more consistently at my blog. I was wondering how to boost traffic.  I read a little and understood that the best way is to generate interest and engage people. Since my blog was about me and my experience I didn’t know what to do. In the meantime I played with the idea of improving my blog and making it look more professional. I decided I was going to design a logo for the blog and the brand “Owntrepreneurship”. I posted this on a freelance platform and got several designers interested. One of them (which I eventually contracted) offered several drafts for me to choose from. It then dawned upon me that this was a perfect opportunity to “crowdsource” my decision? So I wrote this post, labeled

Please help me select the new owntrepreneurship logo!


I then published it in multiple places, including Quora.

And what do you know? The number just dazzled me.

all time stats
The stats – over 18,000 visitors


Overall this post saw nearly 20,000 visitors over the past year. I haven’t been able to replicate these numbers since, even though I’ve tried to ask a similar questions. I think what really did it for people was the fact that it was sincere ( I really didn’t know what I was doing in terms of both logo design and working with freelancers), it was engaging (they had an easy survey to participate in- just select one of four options) and it was visual.

So asking for help really did make a difference in this case, and I will definitely think of ways to replicate this in the future.

And the decision for the logo ? it’s the one I was rooting for, proving the wisdom of the crowd…

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